This will be a continuing story arch that spawned from the kobold quest included in the original 4th edition DMG. We began playing this pre-written quest in order to learn the new system, as both my brother and I are used to 2nd and 3rd edition rules, and due to the fact we were introducing 4 “virgin” players to the world of D&D. Our characters exploits in Fallcrest have earned them notoriety throughout the region and has entangled them (unknowingly) in a web of deceit and a fight for their lives.

Some of you may already be thinking,“wait, you said Cormyr, what’s that have to do with Fallcrest!?!” Let me get out of the way that I am not a canonical or geographical purist. If I find a location I like outside of Faerun, but am currently playing a Forgotten Realms campaign (which I prefer), I will shamelessly plug the location into an empty field next to another location I intend to use later. This would include New York city being Neverwinter’s neighbor if I felt so inclined (though I promise I would not). This technique is used by many others but seems to draw hateful stares from elitists. Let it be known, when hateful eyes rest upon me… I gouge them out.

So, with disbelief suspended, the characters slayed the white dragon in the kobold cave near Fallcrest, nestled snugly in Cormyr ;) and have made their way to a failing and destitute lake town of my creation known as Riley’s Reach. It is here that a well known landowner and recent widower named Forress Bowden, has petitioned the characters to find his son Tanner. Tanner is a boy of about 14 who is fraught with distress over his mother’s disappearance and assumed death at the hands of a nearby goblin clan. Less than a ten-day ago, during another goblin fray, Tanner himself had disappeared in the confusion. Forress has tried to gather the city guard (an incompetent and unorganized militia) to aid his cause but to no avail. Tucked away in the shadow of the Dragonspine Mountains, Riley’s Reach is settling in for what will be an unbelievably harsh winter. With a poor yield from their harvest, and goblin bands preying on their livestock and trade caravans, people have bigger concerns than finding Tanner. Funded by Forress’ longtime friend Darner Longfellow, owner of “The Ashen Barrel Inn and Tavern,” it is agreed that the party will find and return Tanner for a sum of 2500gp. He is believed to be held north of the town in a mountain cave by a small band of goblins.

After some basic detective work and tracking, the party finds the cave, and discovers that this event is MUCH bigger than what was previously thought. The mouth of the cave serves as the entrance to a mountain tomb and Temple of the warrior god Tempest, unknown and predating the settlers of Riley’s Reach. Now it is a defiled shell that houses a host of goblins under the leadership of a hobgoblin mage. What’s more, something far more sinister has made contact with the leader of this warband and appears to be affecting his plans and actions…

The players must survive this gauntlet of goblin and hobgoblin foes in order to save Tanner, and find out what mysterious force is causing a vile power struggle in shadowed halls.

Treachery in Cormyr